Green Isle Gardens


The Meadows Residence


April, 2011

Green Isle Gardens designed and installed this wildlife habitat restoration for the Meadows' local residence on five lakefront acres.  This design included a mix of both Florida native and non-native plants, with the majority being natives.

The front yard was planted with large native trees on a heavily-mulched berm, with an understory of native shrubs and flowering perennials.  With the passing of time, this landscape has become become a forest-like habitat, offering privacy, beauty, and less maintenance for the Meadows, and shelter and food for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. (see next two photos below)  

The Meadows Residence, now a mature landscape
January, 2017
Guy Meadows told us, "this is the best money we ever spent."


Bromeliad Garden

The Christie Residence


December, 2011

In this project, both native and non-invasive non-native plants were used.  In the foreground, colorful bromeliads were placed on a sculptural driftwood support, while dense native shrubs and trees provide an evergreen backdrop. 


Lake County Water Authority

Hidden Waters Preserve

May, 2012

After a prescribed burn at Hidden Waters, the Lake County Water Authority land managers hired Green Isle Gardens to add native plants to restore this lovely property to its original natural state.  Green Isle Gardens specializes in growing upland restoration plants.

The Burke Residence
May, 2013

We began this residential landscape project in the summer of 2011.  It is now a mature landscape with native wildflowers and grasses, and pine straw mulch for weed suppression, moisture retention and a lower pH. This landscape attracts birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other native wildlife. No mowing required!

First Green Bank
Mt. Dora Branch

First Green Bank is a local company that shares our vision:  to do the right thing for our community, for each other, and for the world in which we live.  The Mt. Dora branch is a great example of a commercial project using native plants for a "Real Florida" appearance.  Native plants ARE real Florida! 

Moss Garden
The Christie Residence
May, 2016
A serene secret garden with a stone sculpture focal point, this project combines beauty with pollinator habitat.  The three large bee boxes in the background offer pollinators of all sorts places to nest and overwinter.

The Barner Residence
South Orlando
The Barners hired Green Isle Gardens to create a native habitat for their lovely lakefront property.  The front yard features a main boardwalk with smaller, more intimate stone paths throughout.  Native wetlands plants added to the lakefront attract a variety of ducks and wading birds.
The Kalinich and Peleck Residences
The Villages
A view from above of two new native yards in The Villages, one with more turf, one with less.  Mike and Michelle Peleck hired Green Isle Gardens to install a no-mow backyard native landscape mulched with pine straw.  Carrie and Dave Kalinich chose a mix of turf and native-planted islands.  Thanks to neighbor Roger Selch for the drone images.
The Turnipseed Residence
The Villages
2017 Update
A great example of a maturing native landscape, Steve & Susan Turnipseed's native yard is more than two years old.  The sand paths shown here offer a place for sand-nesting pollinators and other native creatures.  At times in Florida's geologic history, only the highest ridges in central Florida remained above sea level.  That's why our soils are mostly well-drained, beach-like sands.